Quick And Easy Red Bean Buns

Tried to make some red bean buns after watching an anime that featured them. A samurai girl, Akatsuki, is very wholesome and likes this food.

I took a lot of short cuts: air fryer, pressure cooked the beans, didn’t soak over night, baking powder…

I was playing competitive on Ascent, and a boy called out in the middle of the game, “Oh no! I forgot to buy a gun!” During the next round I saw a character at the edge of the cliff by attacker spawn looking down in the abyss … and throwing…

Fire Emblem: Three Houses delivers the action, dialog, and irony of a Shakespeare masterpiece.

Three Houses delivers the action, dialog, and irony of a Shakespeare masterpiece.

Oh, and it’s a video game.

Fire Emblem gets portrayed as some kind of chess on steroids -and it is- but the turn-based strategy warfare is just one facet of this many-sided marvel.

Don’t get me…

The internet only allows one point of view now.

In 2016, Facebook received an enormous amount of criticism from the media for allowing Donald Trump to be elected. They said Facebook was allowing so much “hate speech” and “fake news” that it gave Donald Trump an advantage and ultimately the White House.

And now on the fourth day of…

I didn’t play Other M back in 2010 because of my fatigue with all the Metroid games coming out at the time, but Smash Brothers Ultimate presented some intriguing looking characters, so I decided to get a copy and fire up the old Wii.

I was not disappointed.

As I…

I wanted to read a novel with action that somehow had a message about life or at least tried to describe it. To some extent I got a little of both with The Maze Runner.

Life can be like a maze, but this was largely not explored in Dashner’s The Maze Runner.

James Dashner struggled with #MeToo type allegations and has since been dropped by his publisher…

Strawberry flavor from: real strawberries, strawberry pudding, and strawberry gel

I don’t much care for fruit in my cheesecake that is too subtle to really notice.

I haven’t seen any recipes that really hit more than 1 strawberry ingredient, so I improvised on some of the banana pudding cheesecake recipes. …

I was once asked by a professor at Oriel college what the book of Micah was about. His thinking was that if this young man was named Micah, he surely understood what this semi-obscure book of the Bible was about.

I was a deer caught in the headlights. I had…

There’s thousands of religions out there. A single one cannot be true.

There’s billions of places you can send your tax money to, but only one place that will keep you out of tax court. If you don’t know where to send your tax money, it means you haven’t tried to find out.

You can try to make a triangle with any…

Micah Hoover

Micah Hoover is a student of life, a follower of Jesus, a happy husband, a dad of three wonderful kids, a software developer, and writer.

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